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Bagel theives

The fact that I have not had my bagel stolen for over a week has me in shock.  Now my own dogs are opportunist and will get me distracted and grab my bagel or drink my coffee.  They have lightened up on me some and set their sights on the girls who seem to have a problem keeping food on the table and or their plate.  And they don’t care. I on the other hand will chase the offending dog down and take the stolen loot away from them. The new fosters have not been here long enough to know this yet so I am always their target.  Now I just adopted out my latest bagel thief.  She got me a couple of times and had me thinking I was losing my mind.  I put my bagel in the toaster and turn around to make coffee.  When I returned it would be missing from the toaster. Now that one got me once but the next day I heard the click of the toaster popping up.  I turned and saw the new dog grabbing the bagel right from the toaster: I can’t hold one directly from the toaster it burns my fingers.  Hell at least the other dogs waited for me to put butter on it before stealing it. Then one time I caught the dog trying to take it out of the toaster before it even popped up. Holly cow batman I can just see the dog getting electrocuted.  So then I decided to watch her to see what she was doing.  She watches me and as soon as I walk away she is on the counter at the toaster.  I had to move the toaster so she could not get to it. My kitchen was designed by a person who never had an animal.  Now she is adopted and my dogs are after the kids food and all I have to do is not let my hand get too close to the floor or the other foster dog will get it; this happens when I stop to pick something up and bend over, I put the damn thing in their strike zone and they will snag it.  I have trained myself to not stop and do anything if I have food in my hand. My last two foster dogs now are 99.44% adopted and I could be foster less by Saturday night but as everyone has pointed out to me “be careful what you ask for”, Because now we will be taking in 11 dogs this weekend.  Well not having my bagel stolen for one week is something I have enjoyed and will continue to for my last couple of days before I start with a new batch of bagel thieving dogs.


  1. 11 more dogs?!?! You are a lot braver than we are! You're Super Foster Woman! :) Good luck with everything this weekend.

  2. No I am not keeping them all I transporting them up from the South I had 17 for two weeks and thought I would go mad. I try to keep numbers around 10 total. I have 5 of my own. LOL No I do not have a red "S" on my chest. LOL