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Grab a bag newbie

We got the call to help dogs so I told the newbie, grab a bag and get in the car.  My friend who just joined the rescue last fall has been getting the grand induction into dog rescue. I am not sure if she will survive or not but she is a good sport and willing to learn. I took her on one of my cross country weekend trips that I drag my kids and all the dogs on. This weekend they all had to stay home because we needed every inch of space for dog kennels and supplies. We took the seat out of the van stored the back seats and fill it with kennels and headed to South Carolina. The 10 state 48 hour 2,000 plus mile trip left her and I both limping from sitting so long and my butt now looks like a bucket seat. We worked the whole trip keeping in contact with others in home bases looking after all the other rescues going on over the weekend. The trip home took both of us to the stupid side of silly. We made jokes about each other then about our selves and then we laughed at each other and we laughed at our own jokes it got pretty ridiculous but it made the time fly.  At one point I am trying find the entrance to the fast food place and she pipes up and says "you know this is two way street, I mean I am just saying because your on the wrong side". We laughed for an hour at that one for no reason other than we were just stupid tired. We embarrassed ourselves at the fast food joints and then laughed. By the time we got to PA to pick up the last dog we stood in the parking lot meeting another rep to pass off a dog to us, we were just silly girl giggling and the dogs in the back were absolutely quiet. They were most likely scared of the two human clowns dragging them across the country. We got to the drop off point at 3:30 am after a much needed break for the dogs then we left. We got a couple of miles down the road and realized we left the one dog that we're taking back with us.  We did make it home before my girls left for school in the morning. It was good thing as the girls expected me to be home when they got up in the morning. The dogs and the girls both were glad to see us as this is the first time I left everyone home. I was greeted with crazy dogs and they even were dresses bad. I have no idea how Chiquita got her tail in the leg of her jammie and the neck of the jammies is around her waist.I was just glad to be home. Now my friend had one more hour to drive. I was worried about her, she slept as much as I did, none, well other than the occasional nod off while we would talk to each other.  I ask a question and while I am waiting for an answer I look over and she is gone.  I remember doing the same to her. I could feel myself going and just checked out. What a way to get broke in.  We are facing another hell of a week in rescue I hope she last.
Chiquita can run pretty good in her jammies around the waist, enjoy.

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  1. Glad you made it home safe! Hope your friend did too, glad she went with you and made it a fun trip. :)