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The dogs are making us look bad!

Now the fact that the Damn Dog do not know how to ask to go out and If I had to guess it is more like refuse to ask, makes life quite complicated. But in all fairness they do ask for water. In the kitchen we have a glass Pyrex dish that is heavy and cannot be eaten or dragged off; so they paw at the bottom of the bowl, making the sound of nails clicking on glass it can be heard anywhere. So when the bowl gets empty the tingeing, scratching starts; and there is no mistaking the sound as it can get intense really quick if you ignore them. Now the bowl in the basement is plastic and it just gets smacked around the room making this hollow thud sound that can send me into a panic attack. I try to keep it filled but if I don't catch that it's empty or they empty it while I am there but I just don't know it's emptied; they will most defiantly let me know. I will be setting at the computer or the sewing machine and they start smacking it around and the sound is so abrasive to me that it will bring on an instant anxiety attack. So if I try to finish what I am doing or just try to get to a good spot to stop they will get so impatient the bowl will start moving, and the force of the movement will intensify and the sound that it makes will send me into an anxiety attack: the nail scraping the glass will do the same thing but I can tolerate it for about 60 seconds longer than the one in the basement. It almost seems to me that as soon as I walk in the door the nail scratching on glass starts then by the time I get to the basement the thudding plastic bowl starts banging around. A week or so ago I blew and started a rampage around the house about the kids coming home and letting the TV take over their lives to the point they can't fill water bowls or watch the dogs. So now they hear me come home and jump up and do whatever needs done so when I walk in they are taking care of things to shut me up. Well that is not working because now I am yelling I want it done when you come home not 5 seconds before I walk in.

Last night I came in late from a long drive taking a dog to its forever home I am tired, I open the door and hear the sound of nails scratching glass. I look up to see kids’ scurrying. One then start yelling, the dogs are doing this only when you come home and it is make us look bad. What??? Ya, Ma the dogs are making us look bad. They never do this till you come home and then you think we don't take care of them. Holly Cow batman what do you say to that kind of excuse. So I just laughed. I'll wait till the dogs do it again before I yell, if you looked at the bowl when you walk by it they would not need to tell you. This one I'll let them use for now because it was funny. The Damn Dogs are now getting blamed for needing water. Damn Kids.

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  1. That's too funny! Poor dehydrated dogs, at least it sounds like you're making progress training the kids :).