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Memory not needed

Between kids and dogs I find myself always wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I have convinced myself that I am old so therefore I have no brain cells left. Memory is?  I don't know I don't have one. I buy hair ties by the gross and I still find myself looking every morning for one.  I made it the most important thing I could do on my vacation was to keep track of the one and only hair tie I had left.  I surprised myself and even brought it home to use for another week. Now this is a very difficult accomplishment for me.  I hide them from the girls but the youngest knows all my hiding places so now I have had to get creative and think outside the box for hiding place.  I did manage to find some but forgot them the next morning and then spend way too much time trying to find them to only learn the dogs found them first. So now I only have one place left in the world to hide my hair ties in so the kids and dogs don't get them. Of course I spent my whole life picking things out of this spot so I am not keen on putting anything in it. I have three different computers I use daily different reason for each computer but what happens if every place I go on the web which is only 6 places on a daily bases but each time I must move to a different computer the website does not know who I am and makes me log in again 6x3=18 different passwords a day and so I tried to use the same passwords but over the years have screwed up and now most sites do not want me to use a password I have used before, Shit there is no more words left to use. I have to remember the number dots dashes and caps for each one. What the hell I have blown through my whole vocabulary and cannot think of anything I have not used before. I am trying to write them down and put the paper in my purse but I have lost that thing more times than I care to admit to. The more technology we get the more memory we need to keep it all secure. Now the older I get the less memory I have and the more I am called upon to use it. I long for the good old days when all you needed to remember was you SS#.  Now I must remember my first teachers middle name, my second cousin twice removed and my mother maiden name from her first father, and don't forget the dots dashes and caps. Plus I must remember where I hide stuff from the kids and dogs.   Some nights I swear my memory is seeping out my ears and draining on the pillow where the dogs lick it up. I can only pray that I will live through all this password stuff so someone can figure a way to just stick my finger on the screen and voila memory not needed, fingers are attached.

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