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Please make the bird come back.

My new foster dog has me thinking about one of my own, as they both have a huge pray dive. Cabot has a high prey drive, if it moves he will chase it. He will spend hours in the back yard at sun set chasing fireflies.  He loves to hang out at the windows just hoping for a fly to come by.  He will chase it till he can get it then waller it around in his mouth and spit it out, paw at it to get it to fly again.  He has even gotten them to move the second time,  I must say I'm impressed. He does not like big dogs and will start a ruckus when he see one. He gets a long with all the dogs I bring in the house but he is #1 and will not take second seat to anyone.
In the beginning when he first came and was attached to me I just thought this little boy was just going to fallow me no matter what. Oh hell no! I learned this the hard way.  We were traveling up North in the UP of Michigan, there is a wonderful beach along the highway that stretches for miles and the deep blue waters of Lake Michigan and the white sandy shore makes this a place that everyone wants to stop and take a dip.  We are no different than others so as we are driving along this beach I decided we should stop and play awhile.  We leashed up all the dogs and went on a section of beach that was void of all humans.  I took advantage of no one there and unhooked Cabot to let him play, thinking he did not want to be any other place than next to me. NOT!!! I no sooner heard the ting of the metal clip coming off when he saw a Seagull. I yelled at the kids watch the other dog and dropped the leash and ran like hell screaming the whole way STOP! STOP! STOP YOU BASTARD!!!!! The sand was kicking up behind him and the wind was wisping it away. I swear he looked like a tiny version of a race horse and he even ran like one.  As he started to get smaller heading for the horizon of the beach and sky, I thought I was going to have a heart attack but kept running even though I was considerably slower than when I started. Now even with my glasses on Cabot just kept getting smaller till he disappeared over the horizon. At that point I dropped to my knees in total exhaustion and fear that he would never come back and how was I ever going to find him.  God please bring the seagull back, was all I could do at that point.  I got up and started walking again as the fear slipped over me, I could see what looked like fly poop on the window down near the horizon and it was growing.  As the spot came closer I saw it was a seagull and all of sudden my moms voice echoed in my head saying"be careful what you ask for because you just might get it". I immediately started to pray "and please let Cabot still be following it". I stopped and watch carefully as the bird came closer and then there he was not much more than a fly poop spot on the window himself. I stood there watching him coming back to me I felt such relief. As he approached doing about 50 mph, I realized he was not going to stop. So I musterd up all of my football skills and tacked the little bastard as he tried to run pass me. Needless to say I had all the playing at the beach I could take. I walked back carrying him and found the walk to be much longer than I remember, giving me enough time to think he will never be off leash again, Damn Dog.
He actually got me one more time but it was quite by accident. I opened the gate going to the car and Cabot ran out. He headed for the car so I thought he will jump in as soon as I open the door no problem. Just at the very second a motor cycle came roaring past the front of the house and the damn dog made a U-turn and took off down the drive way straight into the street and ran right down the middle of the highway after the motorcycle. Two blocks later I was glad to see the motor cycle top a hill and go over. Cabot stopped dead in his tracks and turned around and came right back to me. Running straight down the middle lane with cars passing on both sides. I swear I thought we were both going to be grease spots by the time he got back to me.

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  1. OMD, sounds like Cabot nearly gave you a heart attack! Glad you caught him both times.

    Maggie is the same way, right next to me in the house and yard until she sees a bird, chipmunk, cat, squirrel, skunk (!), etc. I can't trust either dog off leash unless they're in a fenced yard.