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The morning bunny Hope?

I must say that having the back yard erupt into total panic and then hear a scream above all the barking going on, throws a scare right through you.  It started a at 6am when I woke up and dragged my behind out of bed staggering and stumbling all the way.  I was trying to get all the dogs out of the bed and basement at the same time because running up and down the stairs in sleep clouded head is dangerous to say the least. I have two dogs that must be literately dragged from the bed and then I have one that is senile and one blind, so to carry all 4 is impossible so if I put the bed bugs on the floor and they head right back to the bed and run for the pillow so I must crawl across the bed to get them. Now in the mean time the frisky ones are jumping around doing the pee pee hopp, the one that last a whole 2 minutes before they find a secondary place to relieve themselves.  I have developed a method to getting them all out before the water works turns on and can't be stopped. I drag myself out of bed and put the blind dog on floor right in front of her bed so she knows where she is and can find her way out of the basement. The senile old man I put in the middle of the floor and yell move it come on move it.  the whole time I am dragging two dogs across the bed by there legs. Now I have a bad shoulder so in the morning it is so stiff that movement is often difficult till it gets limbered up. I grab the light one and put him into my bad arm and grab the heavy weight brick with the good arm and make it to the gate and use my foot to open it up yelling at Archie to move it and the others head to the top of the stairs.  I get to the top of the stairs turn the lights on inside and out trying not to trip as the door opens and they all head for the back yard then I stand back and let the blind one go and the old dog.  This morning I got to the top of the stairs and opened the door first then turned on the light, Holly cow batman the two dog in my arms took flight as the first bark rang out, the others where in hot pursuit, hell even the blind dog took off she didn't know where she was going but she went there fast, a last the picnic table stopped her dead in her tracks. Archie dose not have enough get up and go so he was kind of spinning his wheels but the others hit the back fence and all hell broke loose. I can't even see what is going on so I ran out the back door and step in poop as I am hopping around on the other foot I see the pack doing 90 along the fence line then the scream and the fence as they all ran into the fence snapping snarling. I start running because they have something and it sound bad.  I get out to the corner where they are in a screaming pile of snarling dogs when the bunny jumped out the top and took off for the other side of the yard, dogs in hot pursuit. Hell I didn't even know bunnys scream but it is an awful sound. I am running after the mob of dogs and the bunny, the whole time trying to ignore the fact that shit is squishing into all my toes now.  The bunny was out numbered and hopping around like pop corn on  hot skillet . I tried to grab him but he was not having nothing to do with that and so I started grabbing dogs till my arms were full and praying the whole time, don't have a heart attack bunny, bloody pulp is not what I want to witness nor clean up. The carnage seamed to be in slow motion and never ending. About the fifth trip down the fence line I was in a position to grab the prey driven dogs in the lead.  I took my shot, through all the dogs in my arms to the ground and jumped on the snapping leaders of the pack. Now I am not at all aware of what happened next because I was taking a good look at the grass at that point but I did emerge from the belly flop and actually had the main snapping snarling dogs . I ran them back to the house and tossed them in slammed the door and started yelling at the others to stop and I got their attention long enough to let the bunny take off again. He clearly was not running as fast but manage to squeeze between the chain links. I lost sight of him as the dogs started to calm down and I herded them to the house. I did see fur in a couple of moths and one of the dogs had a bruise in the perfect shape of someones mouth. Now as I look at myself, I have shit between my tows and down my stomach, and my arm is definitely limbered up so I hobbled off to take a shower and came back to the secondary location'sssss of morning potting because no one took care of that little problem while trying to get the bunny.  I hope the bunny is OK and he will spreads the word to stay on the other side of the Damn fence where they can grazing in safety. I do not want to start another morning like that, I might have a heart attack next time.


  1. A bunny's scream is the most awful noise ever! Unfortunately I heard my cat skin a baby bunny once. It is traumatizing

  2. If there was video for this it would be priceless!
    Glad everyone is okay, that is a crazy way to wake up.