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Escaping gas..

Escaping body gases, now in my day girls did not do these things. Well in front of others, I mean I really thought I was the only girl to have gas it was such an embarrassment to me I would not let anyone know I did such a thing.  Now, I just blame it on the dogs and keep things quiet.  The girls on the other hand find these things to be hilarious and some times even try to gross each other out.  I really thought this was a guy thing but am finding women's lib in every aspect of life now.  Now the girls act totally surprised that gas is escaping, does not matter which end it's escaping from, it is so noisy.  They all yell at the guilty party and tell said party how gross they are and then break out in laughter.  I yell at them to not do that but might as well tell the dogs to not do that, it works the same, NOT at all.  I tell them to leave the room if they have to do that, but get the argument they don't know its happening.  Now I know things have changed but the fact that gas escaping from ones body is not a total surprise, I then ask them if I have stupid wrote across my for head. We have these bodily functions argument pretty much daily.  I think I must be getting desensitized as I feel like life's lesson may be their only teacher in this subject and try to ignore them.
We are all watching a movie and finishing up our dinner.  It's one of the movies that has to be discussed and interpreted and we are all talking and totally into the movie when one of them lets the gas escape then she laughs at herself the rest of the room erupts into a vocal round of "Gross" then I flash her the look. She jumps up to leave the room but every movement brings another loader attack than the last one.  She is trying to leave the room as she is laughing at herself ,she is totally out of control laughing and each moment brings on a louder attack, she starts to grab them. She tucks her butt up and leans to one side and then the other as she is grabbing her gas attacks in the back. Now the sights and sound of the child flailing her arms up and down as a flightless birds grabbing her butt sends me of the deep end of laughter everyone in the room is now hysterical. By the time she reaches the kitchen I can't breath and I yell out at her did you get any on yourself? At that point the movie is over, and I know I am in fact desensitized.


  1. I have boys. Ugh. They've taught my daughter (the toddler) that it is the most hilarious thing ever. Great. >:-/

  2. Ooog, sounds hilariously awful! Or awfully hilarious.
    Love all of the dogs in shirts, it looks like a dance party.