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What color is shock??????

Tonight you could have colored me shocked; I was on the phone talking to a friend and one of the girls is trying to tell me something and I don't want her to bother me.  So I blow her off and she comes back a few minutes later and starts again, Now patients is not something I have very much of, so I save the small amount I have for work, and tell my daughter to get lost I'm on the phone, "Beat It". She turns and grabs an envelope off the top of the pile of opened mail, scratches something on it and passes it back to me.  As I'm standing there with the deer eyes in the headlight look, I tell my friend on the phone she may have to come by and pick my butt up off the floor as my kid just ask me to dinner for the first time.
This being one of her first steps into adult hood it caught me by surprise. She just started her first job a couple of weeks ago and when she got the first pay check it was so exciting. First thing she opened a checking account and got a debit card, then the cell phone that does everything except talk for you. Wow! Broke already, who knew that would happen? The Mom in me kicks in and starts cautioning her about spending everything she earns.  Remember you need to save some and not spend it just because you want something: you must discipline yourself and resist the temptations of just buying stuff.  Now I am sure she is thinking that’s easy for me to say, the person who hates to shop……
The fact that she wants to pay for my dinner and her sisters with her second check was a total shock, right out of left field and I never saw it coming.  Now she never saw the sticker shock coming as the 50$ check was handed to her. I did have my moments of gloating when she swallowed hard as she looked down at it. But I caved and left the tip.  I must say it was a different feeling being taken out to dinner by my daughter. It’s like putting 40,000 miles on your car in one year and you have never sat in the back or passenger seats.  

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