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Grilled Cheese ?

When it comes to food I mostly love it all. But when the fire in food gets to the 5 alarm fire stage I am not going to put myself in a air sucking, water drinking frenzy to eat.
My kids love all their food so hot that I swear they have an asbestos tongue. They know they can not cook that stuff when I am at home it just takes my breath away and sends me into a choking frenzy. No one wants to cook out side so they just do it before I get home and hope the air clears before I hit the door or just chop those little red peppers up and lather them on their food uncooked.
The other night I got home and there was a hint of something that had been cooked earlier.I spent a hour or so just drinking a cup of coffee and growing a nice set of roots in the chair.  I finally went to the kitchen and announced I was making myself a grilled cheese sandwich and ask my daughter if she wanted one. She said "no", because she cooked and ate already.   Well now I have a whole new way I like my sandwich made and I like my cheese on the outside of the bread and crunchy. Crunchy cheese you ask, I learned this little way to make the sandwich and now will never go back to regular grilled cheese. You use a sharp cheddar and grate it, butter the out sides of the bread as normal and sprinkle a little shredded cheese between them just enough to make the two slices stick together. Put in the pan to grill while the first side is grilling add copious amounts of the shredded sharpness to the top of the sandwich then flip over and let the cheese grill to a nice crunch or chewy depending on your desired texture. While the cheese is grilling to the desired texture add another mound of cheese to the other side and again flip to grill side two to the same desired texture.  Now the oil from the cheese and butter will tend to puddle a little and you can sop up with paper towel. The more cheese the more puddle. Yes, not healthy what so ever but nothing good is healthy. 
While all this grilling is going on I start to cough. Just coughing no smell nothing but a choking cough.
I said to my daughter did you spill some of your chilly pepper what ever, on the burner." I don't think so" she said, The cough got worse and I said "you must have I can't breath". She then starts to look at the stove to see if something spilled. I finished cooking my sandwich and the coughing started to wane and almost completely stopped by the time I had my sandwich cut and placed on a plate with the chips piled on top with a drink in my hand.
We went into sit at the computer and search for retirement homes, this has become a favorite activity with my daughter. I ate a few chip and we looked at water front property and dreamed of a day she would come to visit me at the beach.  I then started in on the sandwich which was so tasty till I wallow it  around my mouth a bit and then flame on. "What the hell did you do" I ask her.  As she laughed at me she said nothing. Did you wash the pan or just wipe it out? Second bite is hotter than the first. Now I understand why I was choking. So now I am sucking air and drinking water. I decided that I did not want to cook again so I would just suck it up and eat the heat infused sandwich. After a few bits I am sweating and needing a break from the flames and started to eat the chips. What the hell the chips are hotter then hell too. On my way to the kitchen for a second glass of water I realized the oil in that pan was on the sandwich and the chips just sucked up the oil off the sandwich and now I have a plate of " light me on fire" food and my kid thinks this is just too funny. Note to self, wash all pans before using.

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