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Waiting for their friends.

The girls have been wanting to plant a garden but I have resisted as I did not believe they would take care of it and my yard would get tore up for nothing, I kind of like my grass.  So with a lot of badgering I caved and let them tear up a small patch next to the drive way by the walk way into the back yard.  I figured that if they had to walk by it every day they could not say they forgot it.  They even panted a few cucumbers out back by the tree stump.  Now out back is out side the fenced area where we have had numerous sighting of deer and bunnies.
All was going well they kept up with the weeds and couple times I would come home to some wilting plants but they were watered before night fall so I said nothing.  One very nice delightful night I was sitting in the living room with the back door open when this blood curdling scream came from the back yard. Before I could run to the door it came again. By the time I got outside here comes my daughter stomping up to the patio and as she roared by me she said I want a gun I'm going to kill the deer and bunnies and eat them. Well so much for the cucumbers...
The other day my daughter came in so proud and happy her bean plants had produced three very nice beans. As she rolled them around her hand to show me that they were purple bean and not green bean she said she never had purple beans.  I said "are going to try them"?  She put them in a bowl and said "no, I am going to wait for them to get friends".  I am not sure I have ever heard it put that way but it made perfect sense.
Last night the friends arrived and we had some very yummy purple beans.

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