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Are you stalking me?

I am always surprised at the things people see and notice. Now I do catch subtleties that are often over look by some so I think I am an absorbent person. NOT!
   I see where some one commented on a picture I put on face book and they noticed the time I posted it. This caught me by surprise as I never look at that stuff and do not know anyone who looks at the time things are posted. As I am voicing my surprise to my kid she says "I look at what time people post". I said "why? I think the only person who looks at that is my boss to see if I am screwing around at work". No Ma I look at what time you post so I know what your doing. What the Hell, are you stalking me? I'm your Mom, kids don't stalk their Mom, Moms stalk their kids.  Who knew???? 

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