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Time out

It started out a quite evening of internet surfing with the TV blaring in the back ground, my daughter laying on the couch with her phone and I in my comfy chair with the kindle. Totally oblivious to our surroundings. When the house erupted into chaos with dogs going in every directions and the playful noises they make went up at lease 125 decimals. Now I have learned to tune many things out and this is often one of them. As the two big dog flew by me in a blur I heard my daughter scream. When I looked up the big dogs had jumped on her and continuing on with their play but the massive landing of romping dog flesh turn into a pissed off fight. I see her tuck her butt and jump off the couch as if she was anticipating a bite in the ass. She composed her self and yelled get off and started grabbing collars and evicting dogs. Now Patricio just stood there insulted he was evicted and Sipan and Gideon took off as soon as their feet hit the floor.  As my daughter was about to take her place back on the couch Patricio leap at the same time beating her back to her place. Well I turned my deaf ear to them and went back to what I was doing.  A few moments later I look up to see Patricio in time out and my daughter all stretched out on the sofa by herself. His time out lasted 10 min and when he was release he took her spot again. Now she is in her room and he is stretched out on the couch. I turned my deaf ear and went back to what I was doing.

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