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Super Glue

Sipan is my Peruvian Inca Orchid dog. I have had him now about two years. He is loveable goofy and he has two really big thing wrong with him. One, he is afraid of the vertical blinds. So we learned that after he was here about a year. It was quite by accident that we learned this as we like to leave the blinds open 24/7.  But if you move them they swing back and forth touching the slats on either side making this strange little noise that send Sipan running.  Second and most annoying, he glues himself to you and it is almost impossible to move him. So we have a name for it we called it glue or super glue because to break the bond would take a jack hammer.  He decides he want on the couch next to you, on top of you, under you what ever he will not move. We have to physically get up and drag him off, then be quick enough to get back to our seat before he does. It is most entertaining when it is happening to the kids but when he does it to me, well lets just say the entertainment value is lost totally. 
So tonight is one of the nights I am sure I could have lived with out but as life would have it I have to endure the shit that is heaped on me. My dogs have had a steady diet of remotes and it has left us with out a way to play DVD's, stream movies or any other activities that one does on the TV except turn it on and hope for the best. Tonight they got the netflix remote and we only had this one for two weeks. Now with out the remote the device is useless. Wow, I feel like I am just throwing money out the window as the dogs consume the remotes. And yes we put them up but some how they get them, Hell I think they just will the damn things off the shelf and into their mouths.
Now this little remote consumption was the last mound of shit on my pile for the day, so off to Best Buy I go cussing all the way.  I left there and I went and picked up my daughter at work and when we returned we settled in to a moving after a short installation.
The dogs were not in the mood to settle so we are trying to get them to calm down and Sipan super glues himself to my daughter. I am busy with my own problematic dog and I here her say SIPAN in the strained voice the one you hear the weight lifters use as they are picking up 300 lb weight. I am not paying any attention to her I can just hear her trying her damndest to move this dog. The grunts and screams turn into her saying in the calmest voice I've heard her use all night, "Oh uha uha your moving" and I hear the vertical blinds move. Sipan jumped straight up catching some air under his ass and he shoved himself in one huge leap off the couch and he disappeared around the corner and went into the other room. My pile of shit came tumbling down as I laughed so hard I cried. We now have the Sipan super glue, kryptonite.

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