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Senior Moments WTH!

I can now admit to my serious SENIOR MOMENT....
I can not say how this thinking got started but I knew I was coming home on Tuesday the16th from Lima. Many hours before my departure at 11:30 PM the coordination of my departure started. There was a auto change because of the size of the kennels and the untimely death of my friends car. That alone was a huge undertaking in itself. Getting me and gathering dogs all in different location through the dinner hours and all the good byes took a few hours alone. This all started at around 3 or 4pm. We got through all of this and raced to the airport over an hour drive over not the best of roads and lots of traffic. We had to get there in time to check in and get the dogs and kennels scanned and be at the gate to depart on time. We arrived a few minutes after 9 pm and saw that there were not many folks checking in at our air lines. What a wonderful and welcome surprise. We got two carts and dragged the dogs and carry on bags through the zig zagging roped off line to the counter. We had a short 15 minute or so wait to get to the counter what a stroke of luck on my part. I got to the counter and we unloaded the dogs lifted one crate on the scales to be weighed I then started the mound of paper work and the clerk went to the back to check temperatures along my intended flight rout to my destination. I was there around 20 minutes as the line grew to huge numbers behind me, my anxiety started to build as I felt my shoulders lifting to earlobe levels and my jaw tighten worrying about how long I would be at the counter to get through the maze of work to fly two dog internationally. The clerk came back good new all temps along the route will be in the acceptable rang for flying dogs. He took my flight record number and check my reservations. He then said there was no reservation. WTH !! check again I have a res for the 16th, Tuesday. He looked again and then said yes I did but today is Tues the 15th. Now that was a jaw dropping moment as in two languages it was explained I was there on the wrong day. Holy Shit I felt like a total moron as we went and got the two carts again and loaded the dogs on them and drag the dogs and my carry on back to the parking lot. I have no idea how I lost a day. On the way to the airport my friend road in the back crammed into the small space between the kennel and the side of the car. Going back I road back there. Senior Moments suck, when its just you that is inconvenienced But when you take a double digit numbers of folks with you it is totally horrid. The place we will all end up in soon or later, Senior forgetfulness.Wait for it........

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