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Foiled again!

As it would appear the dogs have foiled me again.  I really do not want to give them all the credit but they sure do make it seem like they have all the cunning on their side.
As all the kids have left the house I decided that I did not need all 9000 cable channels so I got rid of that extra expense and chose to keep Netflix as a watch when I want and pay for what I watch.  Now this has been a good deal for me for the last 8 months. I can stream some of the movies over the TV and will get a new DVD in the mail as I finish one I can get another in the mail. For me this has worked.  So on weekends the girls come we watch the latest DVD that has come in the mail.  I have had this DVD player and its remote for ever with out problems. Until a few weeks ago the dogs, not sure if one or more than one, chewed the remote to the DVD player.  Now this alone would have put me over the deep end but as I can still stick the DVD in and hit the play button on the machine it's OK for me. The girls are beside them selves. They don't want to watch the previews in the beginning and they have to fast forward, fast back and fast side ways with the damn thing, this is a major issue for them. Watching anything with them when they have the control in their hand is at best, a nuisance.
Up until two nights ago I have had no issues with the remote being chewed. I was really happy that something the dogs did was not sending me into insanity.  
I love a good foreign flick with subtitles if the content is of interest.  So we received a DVD  about the Japanese invasion of a town in China.  One of the girls and I had snacks and drink in hand  when we sat down to watch. We sat through the 10 minutes of reviews and advertising to realize the subtitles for the movie were in Spanish. Now the half eaten remote has become a huge issue because we have no way to change the subtitles to English.
My daughters quick thinking reminds me we can watch it on the touch screen computer and change the subtitles there. I would have never came up with this one, way to much thinking out side the box for me. So we drag the computer over and set it up in front of the TV and change the subtitles and begin what was to be a really good movie.  The first problem was it is much smaller screen and I can hardly see the words let alone read them; I felt like I need Opera glasses. Now the words are at the bottom of the screen and guess who's butt  and tails was always in the way. Can we all say, get the hell out of the way. So we had to lock down the room and move the computer closer. I am starting to think about the new DVD player in my near future and where the hell I will need to stick the remote to keep it away from the Damn dogs.


  1. You're good, the Mr. would have picked up a new remote that night or the next night on the way home. :)
    (& we thought the dogs chewing our woodwork was a problem! Still haven't fixed that because we weren't sure if they would do it again, might fix it next weekend.)

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