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Sick, who cares.

 I was stricken with something miserable, I don't know what but it hit me like a brick. I had to have my kid stop and pick up something for fever and pain as both of these thing had me struggling to stay out of bed. The bad thing is I had to take a picture of the medicine and post to her face book because a conversation on the phone would have killed me to explain the brand name vs the generic name and really I did not care I was dying. I figured if I took a picture she would be able to show it to some one and they could get her the right stuff. Now the world knows I am sick and that is not how I like to roll, so suck it up and deal with it. Now I can not breath and bending over is like having a spike pounded in my eye straight through the brain. That being said I have no desire to move at all. Now the Damn dogs do not care I am sick they are just happy as shit I am home and they are running free. It is snowing like hell and two of the dogs are straight out of Peru and are not at all having any part of the the cold wet stuff and are at maximum resistance to going out side. Their size alone requires the strength and moves of a wrestler to make this happen.
None of the damn dogs want to share anything, so grump is the word of the day and all I have heard is grumbling from all of them. Some times the grumbling comes from every corner and causes
the room to vibrate. With head congestion and pain, this is not pleasant, it actually sucks even when my head does not hurt. The old ones don't like anyone to move or sit by them, The Chi's are just grumpy and bitching at everyone. The big dogs just go about doing what they want with no consideration to who gets mad at them or why. They just sit where they want to sit and it does not matter if there is another body there human or dog. Now the human or dog that is being sat on start bitching and they don't care they dig in and hold their ground and the little dogs become greasy muffled grumbling spots under them and the humans have to get up to get leverage to make them move. The old dogs will bitch and bark till the shrill of their voice pierces my ear drums. Now on normal days I have at least 9 hours with out this commotion so the remaining 5 hours is tolerable and life goes on. Then when they are not bitching at each other they are wrestling, they are so noisy when they play I often feel like my hearing is being damaged from the noise. Lets add in the fact that they all need to burn off some energy and it is snowing like hell out.  It will be burned off inside the house with my massive head pain and there is not much I can do about it. Now all of them want what they believe the others have and that includes the humans. Watching TV or any other sedentary inactivity will cause such a bitch fest I want to run as fast as I can out the door.
First ,if you have a seat NEVER leave it because it then become fare game to everyone else. Before you can catch air under your butt they will jump into the warmth of the seat that your butt just left. Then you do what ever that made you get up and then on your return you find all the poos that was made in your wake as you left the room. As you pick one up another will replace it as you turn your back to leave the room. Now after a few of these you return to a seat that is full, most of the time with a big dog. You use your brute strength to pull the dog out of the seat to have one or two of the Chi's jump in as the dogs butt starts to catch air under it. Now moving them does not require the strength just speed, you gotta be quick to get them, getting two at the same time is impossible. It comes down to a race of the strongest and quickest get the seat. Now one would think that this is the end of it but hell no it is just the beginning of a fight for comfort in your own living room.  Then they start this subtle encroachment on any spot they deem the best. Now if this happens to be mine with 4 other dogs sitting in my lap or curled up around me in the chair, then the games begin. It becomes so madding that I will get up and just move. No this does not work either, the problem follows me. It will be so subtle that I find myself moving three of more times before I just get pissed and start yelling. The yelling works for about 1.5 minutes if I am lucky. Mostly it is just a way of blowing off the stress of have a house full of dogs push me around.
Now there are a couple of dogs that do not do this to me they are happy sitting on the back of the furniture or in front of the heat vent. Jake, is one of the foster that just decided he likes my daughter better and hangs with her. He sleeps with her and follows her around the house and whines when she is not in a room he is in.
So now I am sick and the dogs are more annoying than ever and all of a sudden Jake decides he wants in my lap. I said what the hell Jake you don't even like me why do you want in my lap. My daughter comes home and sits on the couch and he does not even give her a second look. He jumps up on me an wrangles his place on my lap and starts his grumbling with the others and I am about to toss all of them and he just gives me the look and rubs his head on me and rolls his eyes. What the hell buddy you mad at Ta Ler Paw and now your sucking up to me. Then my daughter pipes up and said " he is just using you Ma" wow, now this makes me feel good enough to just go to work, it has to be better.

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