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Thanksgiving at the Damn Dog house

The day started earlier than I wanted it to but I did not do one thing to prepare for a house full people,
 I thought I would get the pies done and out of the way, when one of the girls gets up and want to help. Got to love the help,so I became teacher, tutor and chef: It was not a bad job it did not require much energy, the one thing I was lacking. Then one by one the kids came down and before I knew it we were all in kitchen and everyone was trying to out do the others with what ever they were working on. Now Cuteness has become very important, so low energy has become high stress.

As dinner was cooking and pies cooling on the porch,  we went out to get a fun picture of all of us with my new fun shirt that says "Supreme ruler of the Damn Dog house"my friend Kathy sent it to me.

 We played awhile and my family arrived, Thanksgiving was off to a good start, then the scream came "Ma they're  getting the pies". I see one girl run into the house and 4 dogs came flying out the dog door to the porch.  I ran to the porch and found one of the pies on the floor. I really thought they were safe because all the doors to the porch were shut and locked I even put them on the grill out of reach. The only door I forgot was the dog door. What the hell was I thinking, silly me.
 I grab the camera and got one pic then they came in for the final kill.

Now we have more pie so this is not a disaster so I let the damn dogs have there Thanksgiving pie. 
Dinner has been consumed and we all settle in for the after turkey dinner snooze, Chiquita jumps on my lap and wants attention, as I ran my hand down her head I find the remnants of the pie all over her. I then check the other dogs and they too have pumpkin pie stuck in their crest, and tails. Okay 10 dog baths is a disaster as I am pooped.

 Two of the girls leave to get a jump on the Black Friday shopping and my family leave and now it is over. Then comes the second scream, " Ma this is why I don't want the dogs to sleep in my room".
Well their is your first problem they aren't sleeping you are!



  1. Glad that the kids helped so much with Thanksgiving! Too bad about the pie and 10 dog baths, anyone would be tired after all that. Looks like at least one of the dogs has good aim, eeewww.:)