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Another Damn Dog

Recently I took in  new foster dogs.  She is about 4 or 5 months old and did not act much like a puppy but new she need to be socialized. I came home a couple weeks ago and found one of the dogs out of his cage and he tried to get out of the study room and tore a hunk of carpet up from under the door in the process.  With my out side voice I said "who left the dog out?" The girls all swore that they all put the dogs in their cages before they left. A few days later I find another dog loose and again yanked a small hunk of carpet up.  I am now hot and I upped  the volume of my out side voice and we had a meeting of, this better not happen again.  Then a day later I come home and the puppy is out along with another dog. The girls are all in an up roar as I am hammering them about not putting the dog up.  Then in there defence we check kennel doors and found that one of them if not hooked right would pop open and the dog gets out.  So to not have this happen again I yanked the door off so no one would use it.  So I come home last night and we are getting ready to feed the dogs. I grabbed the puppy and put her in a kennel, turned around to grab another dog and there she was again. What the hell, how did you get out. I looked back and the door was still shut. Well with this being dinner time the chaos is getting out of control so I don't have time to figure out how she got out so I opened the door and put her back in before I could close the door she shoved her head up through a crack in the top of the kennel and hauled butt to the kitchen. after I stopped laughing I grabbed the puppy again along with the camera and put her back in the kennel.  Needless to say she has become a Damn dog too.


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