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Mako's story

Update Mako has been adopted
This is the first time I saw Mako, he was a picture on the internet. I learned quickly he was in need of help. He was tied out on a roof in Peru. A friend in Peru was asking for some one to adopt him and get him off the roof. My friend went to see him and found that his skin was cooking on him. I knew he need to be rescued. My friend helped me get him to the USA and at the moment I let him out of the kennel in the parking lot of the airport in Washington DC, I knew his skin was in much need of help.  I got him into my vet and he was put on meds and special shampoo to help his skin recover from all the exposure to the sun. He fit into my pack but we soon learned he did not like other big dogs. My Sipan, that was also rescued from Peru, and Mako started out mostly growling at each other till the first fight and ever since that first fight they have hated each other. The two of them rotate floors of the house and must be kept separated with three different gates.
 Now to know Mako is to love Mako. He tolerates all the little dogs that have come and gone through my home since June. He is a dominate dog and he will try to take over the couch and any humans and keep the small dogs away. He loves to play and cuddle and is smart.
He developed cancer from his long exposure to the sun while tied to the roof. His story is much like most dogs that end up in rescue.  He has cancer, the kind that is treated with surgery, when the scabby cells appear they need to be removed. This chases most folks off and they do want a dog that has cancer. His cancer is not the kind that grows tumors it is in the cell of the skin. They have no way to tell how long he can live with this.  How fast it will grow and if the surgery we have already had him through caught all the cells that will turn into cancer.

He can live a long life or he can live six months no way to know, the way he acts and his personality I think he will live forever. He has been through so much in the past year and it has not slowed him down one bit. He has been in three different countries, flown in a cargo hold and kept in his kennel for about 30 hours, road across to countries on a 3600 mile road trip and had two surgeries in six months.
He has so many thing against him one being his cancer, two he is 6 years old, three he is hairless, four he is a primitive breed and he hates big dogs and tolerates small dogs.  He loves humans and will snuggle with anyone. He is not shy and warms up quick. 
 This is in the car after we picked him up from the airport in Washington DC

This is his first day in my home in Michigan

 This is just him hanging out with the girls

    He snuggles with anyone.

And he is like any other hairless dog he loves the sun. But now must always have sunscreen and a t-shirt on.

 He begs just like all dogs

 He is curious and wants to see what is going on. As the girls sort the donations that come in he is right there to see if he gets something.

 And yes he is a Damn Dog.

  Mako is looking for a forever home that he can spend his final years in happy bliss. He has lived more life in the last 6 years and most of it not so good. He is a Peruvian Inca Orchid which is a primitive breed that are thought to be little altered from the ancestral wolves in behavioral attributes. In the first changes that domestication had on wolves were behavioral, selecting for animals that accepted the presence of humans without continually challenging in a pecking order situation.This being said he needs a firm but gentle correction when challenging the pecking order.  He is smart and catches on quick so he is easy to train. The humans must always be the head of the house and he will challenge that sometimes but a firm gentle correction he stands down and stops his behaviors. Mostly he like to growl at the others and when sleeping and a human brush against him he comes out of his sleep thinking it is another dog. My kids have learned that they must put there hand directly on him so he knows they are there and not one of the little dogs. He has never bit any human but has bit a couple of my small alpha dogs who want to be the head of him. He has only a couple of wore down teeth so he does not break the skin on the dogs he gives them a bruise, again it is only the alpha's that he does this too. and it has only happened a couple of time to them. He is goofy and lovable all who meet him like him.  But because I have another large dog we must keep the house all gated off and one dog on each floor of the house so they can never see each other. I love this dog but he needs to be free and so does my Sipan. My blog is to reach the folks that are not in my circle of friends that have big dogs or at there limit on numbers of dogs. His chances are so small of finding his own family because of the things that I have mentioned. For the right family I will move heavens and earth to get him to them and his adoption fee is one dollar and signed contract. I just want him out there to give him a better chance of finding a home where he can live out what ever life he has left. If you can give Mako a forever home and you are interested please contact me at He is in Michigan.

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  1. Mako looks like such a cuddly & fun dog! Too bad he doesn't like big dogs, Maggie would love him. :)