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The heating vent, really?

In the years I have spent in rescue I have had many dogs pass through my home a few were for a week or less but most for over a month and some for over a year. Now these numbers are well into three digits. I have had my favorite and I have had my not so favorites. But every now and then one will come into my life that just leaves me in Ahwww. I have one now that is so smart he amazes me all the time. The fact that he hates my PIO Sipan to the point of his memory of the last place he saw Sipan will make him nuts till he looks for himself to see is if he is really not there.  This has left my doors and gates beat to hell.  He beats one down I get another. He figures out how to get through or around a gate I have to figure out how to stop him. Now I have had lots of time with him and I thought I had all sights, and sounds of Sipan blocked. We have a magic trick we play on him which we use the different doors to let him in and out of the house.  Now I have to admit I have almost screwed up and forgot which dog was behind door number two. I put one on the back porch then run through the house to get dog number two. I have to get him up stair, back through the house and put in the back room before Mako opens the door and lets himself in the house. Yes the easy way would be to lock the doors so he cannot let himself in but then we forget the door is locked and it is not fun locking oneself out in your PJ's and slippers standing in a foot of snow. Yes he opens doors and if he can't open it he just body slams it with his weight and it pops open. He knows how to open the door to the upstairs and then he has access to the bathroom upstairs GAWD he can make a mess out of that in a split second. He knows how to body slam the back room door and so we have chairs in front of those two doors and new gates throughout the house. We are on total lock down now. Finally the old boy is starting to settle down.
The last few days he has been going between the chair and the sofa and growing. It has taken a little while to figure out what he is doing as there is nothing between the chair and the sofa except a heating vent. So we yell at him and he leaves the space but not long after he returns and starts the growing again. Now Sipan in the basement is really very quiet and just hangs out on my bed, but even he has been barking and for no reason as of late. So the other day Mako goes to the space between the sofa and chair and starts growling. Then Sipan starts barking in the basement. OK now I have find out what the hell is going on.  I get up and go look and here is Mako with his nose stuck into the heating vent and growling. Then all came clear to me; my bed is directly under the sofa in the basement and the heating vent is blowing right on my bed where Sipan likes to lay as it gets nice and warm under it.  So when Mako is growling at the vent they are directly over each other and pissing a moaning at each other through the heating vent. Seriously, how the hell did he figure that one out? It is very hard to know that the dogs are truly smarter than me.


  1. Yeaaa they usually are. Smell has a lot to do with it I would think. Hahaha smelling Sipan thru the vent probably is no big thing for a dog! You tooooo funny lady!

  2. hello! I am interesting to know about those dogs. How many dogs did you have rescue and your own?how many foster kids do you have.Is that hard to taker off them.I am interesting having a dog. your dogs are so cute i am really in love with those small dogs. what kind of dogs are they? but once again you are very nice person for helping the dogs and the foster kids, and i am very sure you are happy and feeling great for what you doing trying to help others. great job keep it up your hard work, and thank you for sharing your story.

  3. In the years I have spent in rescue I have had many dogs pass through my home a few were for a week or less but most for over a month and ...