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Just wrap them.

Life at work has gotten pretty stressful and I feel like I am in a pressure cooker most days.  Some days more than others. So once I am in the, work like a fool mode, I really do not want to be bothered, and most definitely not by my kids who can take drama to all new levels.  Last week I am in the trenches at work when the phone call with the panicked voice of one of the girls comes in. English is the second language for the girls and when they are submerged in drama about something, Hell everything, they start talking so fast It is hard for me to jump into the conversation and pick up on the subject let alone follow it.  So far all I had gotten on the call was I left my bag at home and  I am on the bus. As my mood deteriorates I said "And what do you want me to do about it?" Ma I don't have a bra. Wow! Thanks for sharing, how did you get on the bus with out one on? As the panic rose in her voice my ability to figure out what she was talking about waned. Will you please start over and tell what is wrong? The speed at which she was explaining was as if she was a 45 record turned up to a 78. After many questions I learned she was trying to cute corners and decided to not shower two times in one day. So she skipped the morning shower left her night cloths on put a coat on, packed clean cloths and gym cloths to work out in then left them at home and got on the bus. Her choices was get off the bus and catch one going back home walk a mile home from bus stop get bag and start over. OR buy some other cloths and continue on and hope she made it to class on time. She oped to stop and buy more cloths. Money being another problem she thought she would jump off the bus run into Volunteers of America second hand store and grab something to wear. All went well till she realized they do not sell bras. She tried dollar store and still no luck. I am laughing my ass off as she tells me this.  I have not helped in any way and all I could do was laugh at her. Then she yelled " What should I do?" Now I am not only laughing I am being sarcastic when I yelled back "wrap them like we wrap Mako's ears and go to class" Click!  I guess that was not the answer she was looking for. But it did make my day better by laughing so hard at her.

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