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Dead down feathers still fly.

I use to think I shared my bed with my dogs. I had a down comforter that was like sleeping in a cloud. I loved my bed and loved having the dogs in the bed with me. But I have come to learn I do not share my bed with the dogs, they let me sleep with them. Slowly they have taken over and my poor down comforter has been flattened. Those feathers just could not keep up with three washes a week. Pissed on, romped on, laid on and even shit on, just killed my comforter. 

I have tried to barricaded my room to keep the dogs out of it while I am not in the room.  But they jump, climb or hell the kids just take the gate down and let them run a muck in the room.
I always use to make my bed before I left my room in the morning, I hate to get into an unmade bed. Slowly I got so tired of making my bed 5 times a day, I then dropped it to 3 times and now I just shake it out before I crawl in. Every night I find toys, crumb of some sort, dirt where they scritch the grass after they do their business and dirt cakes in their nails and paws. Most nights it's mud as the dew has started to wet the grass down when they go out for the last time before bed. They steal food and drag it down to my room and eat it in my bed. I have found Halls cough drop bags and wrappers, potato chip bags, gum (chewed) and lets not for get body waste. They love to chew the girls underwear in my bed.
  I love a cold room to sleep in so winter time is my best time of year for sleeping. I loved my down feather comforter it was so toasty warm and then add the body heat of 10 dogs and it could snow in my room and I would not feel it. The comforter has lost most of its feathers over the years and washing it 3 time a week tends to kill down feathers. I have added a blanket along with the sheet to keep warm and got bigger naked dogs to cover more of my body to stay warm. I find that I can never get everyone under the blanket at one time, there is always one in between some under some on top and the one that is always spinning gets twisted in the them. Getting them all under and settled down can take and act of God and Congress to get done. As I am trying to get one under the blanket his leg is still sticking out and the more I tug at the blankets the more the leg resist and then the dog bucks and bumps one of the others or just plain jumps on one. Then it starts a bitching match and the ones under the blanket are now on top and the one spinning is wound so tight I have to get up and untwist the blankets to get her out. Some nights this can take 15 minutes to get everyone settled. Then it takes another 15 minutes to get the heat built up enough to take the chill off. Once we are all snug as a bug in a rug and sleep has taken over, I want it to stay that way till morning. The down feathers that are left have taken on a life of their own some nights. One dog will think it hears something and bark, the others all jump in unison to take off and the blanket catch air and hovers over me as the dogs fall back to the bed and run like hell to the door. Now what ever heat we managed to make is gone and the dogs are all on heightened alert as I yell at them to get back in bed. Then the old house settles and makes a creak and we start all over again. These nights I have to get up and get sweatshirts and sweat pants on to stay warm.
As I am shaking out my bed tonight I think I will just put the sweats on because one of the kids is out and I know my feathers will hover tonight when she comes home.

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  1. So glad they didn't shred your comforter, it seemed like that was where the story was going! Love the last picture of them destroying something. :) We came home to a shredded Consumer Reports last night, I don't think they'll ever outgrow it.