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Can I keep blaming Old age?

When I was younger, not young, I thought being old was going to be great as I could get discounts on coffee and hotel rooms, blame stuff on my old mind and so on. Now for all intent and purposes this has been just what I thought it would be, a time in my life when I could relax and not have to be so responsible for so much. There was a time I wished to be old to get out from under the pressures that come with day to day life.  This has not happened like I thought, pressure has increased as dogs and kids have come along. But the bad memory thing has kicked in to over drive. I have to admit it did not help re-leave any of the stress but I found some comfort in the ability to forget things and have folks understand I am just old..The fact that I am becoming the butt of all the jokes one has on old folks never entered into my vision of getting old.
I bought a kindle so I can listen to books while I drive. I miss reading just no time so I though my hours of time in the car taking dogs one place or another I could use listening to books. The kids showed me how to use the kindle to check e-mails and such so it sits next to the couch and when I get home and taking a little break before jumping into the next part of my day, I use it to check my social media, e-mails etc.
I have not spent much time on the computer down stairs as of late so I have gotten myself use to using the old fingers on the screen to touch and move things around. This has been and interesting learning experience but I still have not gotten the whole texting thing or chicken pecking on the kindle.  The damn thing confuses me as I have a hell of a time spelling and the kindle wants to correct everything I type, whats up with that any way. So I type away and look up and it looks like gibberish then as I am trying to remember what I was saying and correct it, the damn thing changes it again and still don't know what I am typing, For awhile it had me believing I couldn't type, I thought my finger tips where so big I could not just hit one key. Then I figured out the thing was trying guess what I was writing and changed everything I would type. I really hate a machine that thinks it knows everything. It's like a GPS telling me to turn right when I know where I am at and I need to turn left, then it want to argue with me. 
Now the kids have it all down and keep trying to get me educated in the all the new technology.
The girls bring the lap tops to kitchen and surf the Internet while we chit chat. One of the girls ask me a question and I approached the lap top and put my finger on the screen to scroll up on it and the girls yell "what are you doing"?  I'm trying to move this damn thing up. Ma this is not a kindle it's a laptop. Now we all start laughing and the jokes kick in. That in its self is bad enough but 5 minutes later I try again and get mad because I can't just move the thing with my finger, guess old dogs just don't learn new tricks or retain the old ones,

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