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Nesting Gerbils

I now think my Sipan believes himself to be a nesting Gerbil.  He never chews or destroys toys or anything else, until he is kenneled during the day.  He does not bark or complain when in his kennel he just shreds his bedding.  As he gets in and out of the kennel the stuff clings to his pads just long enough to break loose on the carpet out side of his kennel. I use to go daily or every other day and take out the nest of shredded bedding and give him clean. I have stopped as I am running out of blanket for him to destroy.  Now instead I just have to vacuum the stuff off the carpet till his kennel bedding is now all gone and I need to start all over. Hell I even tried picking it off the carpet and putting back in. But the definition of stupid is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. I am not sure how a 38 lb Gerbil will survive the chilly house this winter without blankets. Damn Dogs

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