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Hackers wanted...

I have given some serious thought to the job of Hacking. Now as I have gotten hacked twice this year makes me think that there must be some good money attached to this job. Now is there some place like Hackers Central where they have a warehouse full hundreds of cubicles with 4 computers in each cubicle.   As I think about this they must need to sleep so they will need time away from hacking others computers. This will take 4 shifts to make this job a 24/7 never ending job. I don’t suppose they would share a computer so they will need one for all 4 shifts.  Now I am thinking that the swing shift is for the most serious of hackers as they must not have any life to work those kinds of fluctuating hours. Are they paid on commission, $$ per computer hacked or is it a straight hourly rate. Hell maybe they are just salaried. I am thinking it must be a commission thing as there would be more incentive to sit at a computer all day trying to make others’ lives so miserable.  Because if they are not making money doing this they need some serious consoling as they have no life and no friends.   Or do they just do the   9 to 5 thing and come home with a nice cup of Joe and hack away till bed time instead of watching Reality shows on TV.  I am just having a hard time wrapping my mind around why do people hack and is there really people who the hackers can catch in their little webs of deceit.   I guess they are from a different planet than I am. It gets harder and harder to keep myself on track to get all things I need to do done. I long for the day of hard line phone with a party line and rabbit ears on my TV. Then the only thing I had to worry about was who was listening in on the party line and TV was a novelty and it wore off quick as no one wanted to stand and hold the rabbit ears. So we grabbed an ice tea and sat on the porch with our neighbors till the street lights came on.


  1. I have my degree in networking...Even to this day, I do not understand the "thrill" these hackers get....Of course, while some do it for the fun, most do it for the money, and stealing identities.....

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