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Recycled Pillow

I have way too many dogs coming and going through the house to keep cute little beds or pillow for them. I have tried but the Damn dogs either mark the hell out of them or destroy them. Now I have not found one of the dogs that have loved their bed so much that they tried to recycle it. We took in a new foster recently and he came with a bed and a pillow to lie on. I put him and his things in the car and he immediately sought out the pillow and curled up on it and went to sleep. He made himself comfy and went to sleep before I put a mile behind me.  The bed was newer and nice so I put it up, to go with him when he leaves for his forever home and throwed the pillow on the floor for him.  He immediately jumps on it, curled up and made himself at home. This gave great cause for everyone else to come and check out the new guy and his pillow. He really did not appreciate all the cold noses in his face and or butt. He made it clear from the get go this was his pillow and he was not sharing.
The pillow sat in the kitchen for about a week most of that time the new guy was curled up in it.  As he became more comfortable he started to hang out in the living room with everyone else.  One night I was in the basement puttsing around and I heard some muffled commotion in the kitchen. I figured it could not be too bad as the sound was low and almost inaudible. Later I found that this was not to be. The big dogs had a gay old time tearing the thing apart.  The stuffing was everywhere, and just standing there with my mouth open was not getting the mess cleaned up so I grabbed a plastic bag and broom. I picked up as much as I could and placed the bag of remains of the pillow on the counter stoop. Swept and took the dust pan out to the curby dumpster to empty.  I came back and went straight to bed, not giving one more thought to the bag of stuffing.  Next morning I put the dogs out and got my things around to get ready for work. I let the dogs back in and started to make coffee. I turned and saw the bag sitting there.  I started to grab it to through it out when I noticed something inside that did not look like the remains of the pillow. The new guy was all curled up in the garbage bag with the remains of his pillow. He made it known he was not ready to let the pillow go so I let him stay in the bag till I had to leave for work and then I evicted him. Now it was not more the 45 minutes longer that he got to stay in the bag but that was long enough for the other damn dogs to piss on him and the bag. I was not prepared to give a dog a bath before work but choose not to try and explain why I was late.  I just said “I over slept”.

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