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You're so HOT! Bay.

English get slaughtered at our house. I can't spell and my grammar sucks, I mostly don't care, I get my point across. The girls on the other hand kill the language, they never pronounce the whole word or they plain say the word wrong, which often will cause great confusion. I have gotten used to ignoring them it make my life easier to not know what they are saying all the time. They use street slang like they know what they are doing but in fact they often use it wrong so it makes it real hard to be cool when you don't understand what your doing. And the best is when one is correcting the others English, it makes for some good laughs.
A few weeks ago I am walking through the house and I hear some one yell, BAY! I have no idea what they are doing so I ignore them. A couple days later I hear the same yell, BAY! I raise an eye brow and go on about my business. Again some time later I hear BAY, YOU'RE SO HOT. Now they have my attention. I go in the living room and here is one of the girls holding Gideon and calling him BAY. What the hell are you calling him? "Bay", she says,Why do you call him Bay? It means a large body of water, what does that have to do with him. Then she looks at me and tries again BAY.  You know Ma like baby, GAWD are you kidding, you mean Babe. You forgot the second "B". Ya Ma that's what I mean Bay, What ever???
Bay you are so HOT, Wow you looking for a date with the dog. No Ma he is hot when I hold him, then she ruffles his head hair and tells him how hot he is again. What ever, I walked back to my room where all my clutter makes sense to me.

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