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Sexy is what Sexy does

Having five, plus teenage girls in my care I feel very responsible for there everything. Morals and respect are on the top of my list with independence a close second; wrapped up with a good does of my sarcasm.  So monitoring the Internet can be exhausting with the social media problem of today and only growing worse. So I am always telling them that pictures of ones self does not have to always be sexy there are so many things that can be left out of a picture and still be attractive. Chest out, head lowered to one side and that pouting look that young girls think is so attractive just are not necessary. I am not sure I am getting my message across very well but I put my foot down on showing boobs,butts and belly's on face book.   Now I see after the fact pictures so they do slide one by me on occasion. But to push that envelope very hard has huge consequences that none are willing to pay.  My brother was in town a week ago trying to finish up the family history and the girls where just enthralled by the pictures we have collect. As they came across my teen years the intense fascination of my Sexy picture got well scrutinized. I won't let them dye there hair mostly because they will not be careful and ruin things. So when they saw my trial hair color days I got a beating.
My mini skirt days were scandalous back then but those days are gone and there is nothing too extreme or taboo in today's society. Hell it was years before you saw Ricky and Lucy sleeping in the same bed as a married couple. I don't want my prudish upbringing to make my girls afraid of there own sexuality, I just don't want it on Face book, or running around the mall.    

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