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I wish I could say I am book smart or could be a good business person, I can not. These are the things I have always wished I could do. I spent most of my life looking for my propose of existence. I am not an angel or a saint. I am just me and I have some deep feeling about things in life, they differ from some but may be the same as others. I have often been let down by human kind but still believe in good people. I care deeply about the living breathing things that humans find disposable.  These things have lead me to be where I am in my life. Kids and animals are my passions. I am very taken by the hairless breeds of animal. So it made sense to me to start a rescue to help hairless dogs. I put " & small breed " into the rescue name to cover other dogs that we might be able to help.
I try not to use my blog to do anything other than educate or entertain my readers. But I found myself in a place to reach as many people as I can. I am hoping that my blog reaches many more readers than just my personal friends or dog lovers. I hope to be able to reach many different groups of people who might be in a position to help with guidance in the right directions or donating their frequent flier miles. My goal is to help the Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs of Peru. This is a hairless ancient breed that dates back before the Europeans found the Americas. They are a breed that has not change since its beginnings. The problem is there are not enough people, education, laws, or money to help them. There are many that are street dogs unwanted and discarded as they grow because they come in three sizes many have no space or money to take care of the larger size dogs. Most folks are trying to survive themselves and can not help the dogs. They must care for themselves and there families. The dogs suffer from lack of help, the help that is almost impossible for them to get. Here we euthanize the unwanted dogs that can not be helped. I know this is a horrifying thing to think or talk about but it is in fact better to euthanize than to leave a dog to fend for itself to die a horrid death of hunger, disease, abuse or from exposure to the elements. A dog that is intact with primitive instincts can be harmful to other dogs, humans and the environment itself.
I can not change the world, I can not save all the dogs and kids of the world. But I must do something even if it seem insignificant. Here in the states we have Thousands of rescues and shelters to help dogs in need. Yes we have many unwanted dogs and they are being put down in unbelievable numbers. This is a global problem and everyone one needs to help if it will ever be controlled. I will not see it in my life time but I can only pray for my grandchildren's life time. If we don't do nothing, then nothing changes. If we try and teach our children to try then we can make a dent in the problem. We are not all the same and we all can not do the same things. I am glad we all have differences, because the differences put together makes the world go around and life easier. Naked K9 & small dog rescue is a 501c3 organization working to help one dog a month from Peru. It seems like a drop of water in an ocean of desperation but it is a start. I hope to reach the people who can help us get that one dog a month here to the states, we will get it vetted and rehome. There are many people here that love the hairless breeds and prefer them to dogs with fur. So finding them homes will not be a problem. There are folks in Peru that want to help and folks here that want to help but we have no way to get them here. We are hoping to get some space comped in cargo on a plane or get a plane ticket comped and we will pay to bring the dogs back. If we can get folks to donate there frequent flier miles we can collect them to get a plane seat and bring back two dogs at one time as checked luggage. A private company that flies back and forth that would bring back a dog for us. A traveler that would bring back a dog as there checked luggage. We will pay the checked luggage/pet fees but to bring them back as cargo is 800 dollars. Once in the states we can move the dog easily to foster homes through out USA and Canada. We have many cities in the Mid West and East coast that can pick dogs up at airports. We only ask to help move the dogs to the states. If you or someone you know can help I ask that you might think about helping Naked K9 help these magnificent animals. Please share this blog with everyone
I can be reached through the blog, face book, Naked K9& small dog rescue website, or

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