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Dogs come and go through the Damn Dog house as rescues come in and then they go to their forever homes. Now we often get dog characters that create sudden and often huge changes in the Damn Dog pack.  My pack has been solid and have adjusted to these changes well. They have taken the new dogs and shown them the ropes, teaching them how to be dogs and all that that entails. Each dog comes and leaves some part of themselves behind. Over the years my pack has aged two have passed over the rainbow and the young ones are not young any longer. I was left with 3 aging dogs and one adult. This was a short lived number as I had one foot in the world of rescuing two PIO's when the second dog passed. My dream of meeting a PIO and my wildest dream was to have one, was soon to become a reality.  We have had fosters in the past that my kids have fallen in love with, but was never allowed to keep and this has been a bone of contention in the family. So when I told the girls I was keeping one of the Peruvians they were all over me. You never let us keep any of the dogs we love, bla, bla, bla. To keep peace I said "Alright what dog do you want to keep"? Hoping that this would put an end to the whining. In unison came the name, GIDEON! Now Gideon is a puppy that came to us a few months ago and was 8 weeks old when dumped in a shelter. His owner had an oppps litter of Cocker Spaniel and Chinese Cresteds. Now as a puppy he was cute and small and everyone loves a puppy. I yelled Okay now no more dogs. We are back to 6 and that is enough, NO more dogs. This is starting to haunt me as I type. Gideon and Sipan the PIO are both young and play non stop. I can't get them to go to sleep at night, they just roll over and start in. Gideon has taken a growth spurt  and now is bigger than our little CC dogs but still not as big as Sipan. Together they are 65 plus lbs of hot, pounding, rolling flesh that when they jump, they jump in unison making impact a totally breath taking experience. There is no description I can come up with to make the experience understandable. Let say when you see the mass coming at you as your laying on your back watching TV, there is no moving in time to avoid impact. The sound of said impact is worse than the coughing, wheezing and cussing that comes immediately after impact. Now when this impact is with one of the older dogs there is always a huge fuss between the dogs that results in me wanting to run out the door and jump in the car and leave. The noise between the dogs is deafening. My older Alpha dog want to hump them both to show he is still in charge and they just roll over him and he screams like a lady with a soprano voice,  The two PIO's hate each other and must be kept separate at all time as just a glancing look between them set them into a fight.  I swear I want to put dark glasses on them so they can't see each other looking at each other. Dog gates are not an effective means of keeping Gideon corralled. He just leaps over and does his thing what ever in the hell he wants. Puppy hood may get him killed before he has a chance to grow out of it.  He see food and there is no stopping him. I told the girls he is yours you take care of him. That's not working either. He makes the hooligan look like angels. There is nothing he can not get into or out off. I put him in kennels and when I get home he is out. I leave him out side to take care of his business and 5 seconds later he has opened the door and let himself in.  Now we just brought in a new older foster dog named Moe. 
Moe we have determined to have some pain issues and is now receiving meds for his discomfort.  Unfortunately his moods have not improved as much as his mobility. He is now called Moezilla. He is so grouchy he makes me and Archie Bunker look sweet as sugar. Now he has no teeth to back up his bark, but hell is bark is GAWD awful as he is growling he suck air in. making him sound like a monster from an old B horror movie. He does not want me to pet him but will not be in a room with out me. He sleeps with me but I must keep all the other dogs away from him. He growls at me till I get him picked up then he stops. He has a cry that will wake the dead when he is left out of where ever I am. But he still does not want hugs and kisses from me. What the Hell Moezilla, He has bit me but with out teeth this is of no consequences. I don't know if I am causing him discomfort or he is just in a very bad mood. He wants to get up between the girls and the back of couch and snuggle in. But if the girls move he growls at them. They freeze and put there hands in the air as if it was a stick up. The dog is like no other I have met. He is not viscous he is just pissed off all the time. Actually Godzilla is very quiet next to Moezilla. He comes over to ask to jump in my lap while I am at the computer. I put him in my lap and he growls at every dog that moves in the room. If I try to pet him he growls at me. This poor dog is a crotchety old boy, I can't imagine what his life must have been like if he has always been this way. I only know I am the third person to have him in the past 3.5 months. If he is on the couch and I sit down he acts like he want to eat me, then he comes over and curls up next to me and goes to sleep.   He is so cute and so grouchy I have no idea if he will end up here for the rest of his life. I so hope I can find a home that does not care if he is grouchy. He begs for food then he growls at you. Seriously Moezilla you are sending some mix ass signals.  Maybe he just needs doggy consoling for his piss off behavior.

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