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I have no one to blame but myself.......

I realize I have only myself to blame as it is just me and the damn dogs here at the house; you would have thought I would have learned from the day before, that they are hellions and not to be trusted as they trashed the place yesterday.   I did not learn because I  am at the computer in the basement and they are running a muck through the house doing hell knows what. I get upstairs and they ate my Easter Hyacinth and then one of them pood on the mess. I don't even see signs of the pink flowers anywhere I guess it will show up tomorrow, I just hope it is outside. The red dogs are leading the pack and my pack doesn't need help they are already Damn Dogs. It truly days like this I miss the kids.


  1. "I guess it will show up tomorrow, I just hope it is outside" - hilarious because it's so true! We gave up on flowers in the house a long time ago. :)

  2. Oh how we love our critters even when they do things like this.