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The Flea Police, spread um!

Now with most conversations you start with a subject, Flea's. The conversation can go in any direction and end with a conclusion; unless your talking with my kids. The dogs are all scratching, I figure it has something to do with the GAWD awful allergy season we are having. I have looked closely on all of the coated dogs to see if I can see any fleas and or the flea poo they leave behind. Nothing. The hairless dogs are scratching too. At night they scratch and the vibration from this action will wake me up.. One of the girls and I are in the kitchen and I am complaining about the itching and scratching they are doing. My daughter says "Mom it must be those little animals." Little animal, what the hell are you talking about? Mom those little animals that bite the dogs. I said," are up talking about fleas"? Ya Ma those little animals. How do they get on the dogs? Now I have to explain the life cycle of the flea and how it lays eggs they hatch and live on the blood of the animals. I then told her how many eggs one female can lay. She pipes up and tells me we should only have boy fleas. What the hell, are you going to be the flea police and spread their little legs to see who is a boy and who is a girl? So now the conversation is over and all we can do is laugh at that visual.   So much for normal conversation.

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