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For the second year in a row I have attended a dog festival in London Ontario called Pawlooza. The first year I was in total amazement at the whole thing. This is not a dog show it is not a competition it is just a place to come with your four legged friends and your family and have fun all the time raising money for charity and bringing awareness of the diversity of dogs and the humans who own them. It is not about what your dog can do or its blood line it is just about the love and bond between man and his best friend. The focus is family fun with the dogs. It is In honour of International Homeless Animals' Day.
 There are Big Dogs.

Little dogs
Dogs in Carriages/Buggies

Dogs with Dreadlocks
 Dogs with out hair
Dogs in Wedding Dresses
 Orange Dogs
 And everything in between

The dogs and their owner came in throngs there was a sea of dogs and people all there for the same reason to have fun. It did not matter mute or breed specific everyone welcome. They had every kind of fun for the dogs. They could try agility, play frisbee,try water jumping/ dock diving. Some were very good and could just fly while others where coxed by their human to try to jump.
 All were winners, some just for cuteness.
They had Lure course and even those who were not as fast had fun.
 The dogs that wanted to play in the water had an area to run free and swim.
The fun just kept coming for all. The rain came and it did not stop folks or the dogs from the fun.
The food was wonderful there was something for everyone pallet. They had best dressed dogs, adoptable dogs where high lighted for all to see. Local personality's hosted the shows and stage performances while dog vets and techs walk the grounds along with EMT to make sure dogs and humans a like where safe. The had port a potties for the humans and caged in areas for the dogs to potty, then to top that they had hand washing stations all kept clean and monitored. Safety and comfort was a priority for all who attended.
The vendors who came and the sponsors of the event where wonderful offering everything from DNA testing, doggie cloths, doggie goodie and doggie strollers. The volunteers where helpful knowledgeable and friendly. I can not imagine the man hours they all must have put into this for all to have a good time. They had many rescues there with adoptable dogs and they were all raising awareness and looking for homes for their dogs. They educated kids and other about the breeds and the need for spay and neuter. All about the need to help the homeless dogs.
  I have never attended such a well planed and organized event before. Last year was the best I did not think it could be top, but this year was even better than last. The rain did not dampen the spirits or fun. I recommend this for any animal lover and there four legged friends. I am already excited about next year. Mark the third Saturday of August on your calendars and come for some of the best fun.

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