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Twilight the kitchen version.

For all the Twilight fans, I have to say in my day we loved vampires ours were on soap operas call Dark Shadows, and Barnabas Collins kept us all on the edge of our seat. We ran home from school every day to see the next episode and never cared that we missed out on some high adventure with the neighborhood kids. Now to be somewhat fair I have watched bits and pieces of the first Twilight film but could not get the whole love thing without a bite. I liked the werewolf he had some color to his skin. The movie spoof, parody is more my speed anyway. The girls are just beside themselves waiting for the next movie, and just swoon over the main character Edward Cullen, hell I had to look up his name as the girls can't even pronounce it. To say I am not a fan is an understatement. I really don't like love movies and to make one where the guy lays next to his dinner night after night without a taste, hell I would eat. The girls can watch love movies till their eyes fall out. They killed the Titanic DVD watching it so many times.

But even though they like the romance of the movie they still can find humor in our day to day life that they will relate with, to the movie. The first time the little one had a rare steak she told me it was like watching Twilight as blood and juice covered her plate. Then that lead to all the jokes one can make about a bloody steak, a vampire movie and a straw. I'll leave it at that

The girls think it is cute to drop food on the floor for the dogs. They will sit food near the edge of the counter and then bump it so it will fall on the floor, and say "oops I droped it".  I tell them to stop that becasue they will be worse than Damn Dogs. They will think we are going to feed them everytime we are in the kitchen. Well they are now listening to me. They were out in the kitchen and eating an orange. The dogs are hovering for the food to start raining down from the counter. When one of the girls puts her hand next to the edge of the counter and scraps the orange peel into her hand and lowers it just low enough that one of the dogs thought he was going to get the food before it left her hand. He jumped and grabbed the peel and she jerked her hand back, just not quick enough and the dog got her. Now I am sure it would not have been as bad as it was if she would not have jerked and then proceed to keep moving her hand up with the dog still attached. So she got a big bruise and two punctures. She yelled he bit me, and screamed then pinched the scratch and a little drop of blood came out.  She is steady yelling he bit me, he bit me; when the youngest looks at me and as serious as a child can be says “Mom she’s going to turn into a vampire now?   We all busted out laughing. I have to say it change the mood in the kitchen as we all started in with the jokes about her teeth, not to slurp when drinking from a straw, and how we will all have to lock our bedroom doors at night. 

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