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I'm getting younger, NOT!

I am not sure when I started believing my age was 61 this past year. I have been looking forward to retirement and was getting all excited about only having 4 more years left. I set up an appointment with a retirement specialist to make sure all is on the right track. A few days before my birthday I met with the specialist to work out a retirement plan. She started in, and with in a very short time she said " I see you have 5 more years...." I did not hear another word after that and began to correct her. No I only have 4 years left. Your going to be 61 this Friday aren't you? "No" I said. I will be 62. She said Oh my we must have the wrong information on you and turned the lap top toward me, I got up close to see through the old bifocals and looked at the birth date. "Oh my GAWD" I said and started to laugh the laughter of what the hell, not the laughter of I am so embarrassed. I look at the date grabbed a pen and paper sitting on the table and immediately  started to do the math. I looked at her and said " I'm pissed, I am not even embarrassed I don't know my own age". I was so happy I only had 4 more years till I can retire and then I can do the things that mean something to me not a job that pays the bills. Crap now I have 5 more years. By the time I left the office I was so upset I went back to work and told my co-worker about the reality check I had just received. He laughed at me and said " you're the only person I know who is getting younger not older".
I got home that night and my kids started in on me about telling them I was going to be 62 instead of 61. Then one says" see I told you she was wrong" What the hell? I just hope I still have some brain cells in 5 more years or the kids are going to have to look after me.

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  1. Happy Birthday anyway! Glad I'm not the only one who does that. :)