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Butt Seriously

Butt Seriously:  Thank you all for the Birthday wishes.

I am not  one to celebrate Birthdays. It is for no other reason than I just never did. My parents went on vacation the same time every year, last week of July first week of Aug. We went camping at Black Lake MI every year thought out my childhood. Now this was the best part of summer and I looked forward to this time all year long. I never gave it a second thought that my Birthday was spent camping and I never celebrated it. Swimming till I was water logged and playing on the sand hill was way more fun and totally consuming.  As I got older I never gave it much thought. I move to Florida met new friend and never thought about it after that.  After all we don’t miss what we never had. Now I am not complaining. But I have had three Birthdays in my life that I have enjoyed and this is one of them. I have no plan I am working today and my co-worker took the day off. I am sure the kids have something up their  sleeves and the Damn dogs started spreading there good cheer very early this morning.  I never knew of such out pouring of happy wishes. It is such a nice thought to think I have so many friends around the world. I am reminded how many folks have touched my life and I am better for that. I love happy and hate that I can have a day without laughter.  Now my kids may say I have many days that I don’t laugh they just don’t get to see them.  I am truly bless to have so many friends.
My very best birthday in my whole life was when I was 40 years old. I just broke up with the guy I was seeing and then had to drive 100 miles back home to cook BBQ in the back yard for my family. You might say I was not having a good day at all. Now a few weeks before this GAWD awful day my Mom and I were having a, remember when, conversation and we got on the subject of birthdays and she made a comment on all the birthday cakes she had made in her life time. Now I was obliged to tell her she never made me one and this immediately turned into the she said, I said containing all the denials and I remember statements. I knew we were not going to end this without proof, when I asked her where we were every year the first week of Aug. my whole life. As the words, on vacation, came across her lips I could see the look of  OMG on her face. We quickly moved on to another subject.
Now as I am going about getting the grill hot and getting all the prep done for the BBQ my mood was deteriorating at speeds that could not be measured by any means. My family arrive and in comes my Mom with my very first Birthday cake at the grand old age of 40.  Now I was surprised but to tell the truth it did not do much to improve my mood. I still had the Bahhh Humbugs, I put my smiley face on and started cooking. We sat on my deck to enjoy the nice summer day when my neighbor decided to show his ass and turn up the music to ear piercing levels.   As I battle to keep my mood in check my Mom signals to my brother to go get the cake. He leaves and I tell Mom lets go inside now. So we started to gather up everything when we hear this loud cussing scream and an even louder crashing thud that seemed to go on forever. We both ran to the house and there we find my brother on the landing at bottom of the three steps coming down from my kitchen, hugging the large sheet cake to his chest cussing and mad as hell. We went into action helping him up and asking what happened. As he stood up pulled the cake from his chest, I busted out laughing and reached over and ran my finger down his cake covered chest and stuck it in my mouth.  He was so mad that he looked like he might have a heart attack or something. As he tried to explained, that just as he started down the first step the cat ran between his legs and he missed the step and fell on the cake. Laughter can be such a catharsis and manic hysterical laughter just cleanses one soul. He was so worried I would be made because he destroyed my very first Birthday cake. I think he could have killed the cat without giving it a second thought he was so mad.  All I did was laugh and tell him thank you for the best Birthday ever.  I never gave the ex a second thought after that moment, and the neighbor well he did not live there much longer.  The next time I saw the cat he still had frosting on his head and that sent me right back to another round of hysterical laughter.  Mom’s arthritis is so bad now she cannot decorate cakes any more but my one and only tasted so good scraping it off my brothers shirt.

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