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Dog day Saturday

Saturday was a busy day around here. We had the community garage sale that draws thousands of folks to our neighborhood. There is one the last Sat of April on the North side of the Highway and the first Monday of May on the South side of the highway. My drive way become a parking lot and getting in and out can get frustrating some times. So I just plan on these two Saturdays to keep the car in the garage and move around on foot.  I decided this year to use this as a great opportunity to socialize dogs. I leashed them up and off I go walking through the throngs of people, kids, strollers,cars and the occasional motorcycle. Kids on skate boards foot traffic, car traffic and two legged 4 legged and I have even seen birds on folks shoulders walking around nothing off limits. The new dogs from Peru, I am real sure they have not been exposed to the likes of the community garage sale so they were completely submerged.  I was highly impressed as they both did a great job. No barking no aggression.  They did get startled  many times with the noise that came to close behind them but settled down quickly.  I watched closely for adverse affects and saw nothing, they came home and we romped on the floor and they climbed the mountain peak of the back yard to watch the world moving ever so close to them as it went on with the business of shopping in the yards of the neighborhood. The girls all went rummaging through the yards of all the folks in the neighborhood finding all kinds of treasures to buy and bring home. I on the other hand find this behavior exhausting and am so glad I only have to be around it two time a year. I have friends who buys stuff to sell the next year at these things. I guess it is what moves our economy at the moment buy from your neighbor and sell to the next one. How in the world do you make a living out of this but some do.
I did enjoy the weather visiting with friends and neighbors and playing with the dogs. I believe for the first time since I have lived here I really did enjoy this Saturday, that most of the time sends me to my room to hide. 


  1. Man, those PIOs are GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks, they are rescues and wonderful boys.

  2. So glad you all made it home okay! The new boys are beautiful, love how they're already relaxed enough to play. :)