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Sugar free hazelnut

Now one would think I have learned a thing or two about what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to the dogs. I do surprise myself as I never learn no matter how bad the dogs are. I hate shopping and it seem like I go many times a week to pick up food. Now if I would spend a little more time all at one time I could get the job done but It just gets harder to play bumper cars with the hordes of shoppers at the shopping center. So I find myself stopping by for one or two things and getting the hell out of Dodge. My time is running out to get things done and my weekends are filling up I get tired just looking at the calendar. So as I drag my behind home tonight and the kids start in about food. I tell them you guys go shopping and get enough food for the week. Now this is what they have all been waiting for. To buy all the food I will not buy for them. I am way too tired to care tonight so I tell them I will take them to the store and they can call me and I'll come back and get them, keep in mind this the and 8 minute round trip.
As always I allow myself to be fooled and I know better. What could possibly happen in 8 minutes???? I take a good look around the kitchen to make sure there is no food to entice them to the counter, as if they need a reason to be up on the counters. Out the door we go. I think the trip was only 7 minutes but by the time I got home they were all bouncing at the door like normal and then ran to the living room. That was the first red flag as they never leave me alone when I come home does not matter how long I have been gone. I get into the kitchen and find white powder all over the floor, further investigation quickly produce the source of the power, sugar free Hazelnut coffee creamer. I turn to the living room where everyone seems to be innocently doing nothing.
 It's not like I think they did not do something but they sure did look convincing, But someone has a rather black hairy face that was a huge give away.
Now back to the kitchen to clean up and found that the top was still on the little plastic container it came in, they had taken off the little plastic clip on poor spout cover. So how and the hell did it get all over the floor both sides of the island. I now can see them in my mind, swatting the damn thing as it spun around like spin the bottle and  spewing powder everywhere. Then the soccer sport kicked in and that little container just moved all over that floor spewing its contents from one end of the kitchen to the other. I am sure it must have been a free for all soccer game. I finished cleaning up and went back to the living room to get a better look at one carrying all the evidence around on his face.
So now the phone rings and its time to get the girls. I grabbed Gideon and went to pick up the girls. When they got in the car I told them they need to give their Damn Dog a bath..
So much for relax and finish my project I was wanting to finish tonight.


  1. You need to set up a video camera when you go out! Too bad about the cleanup, their "soccer game" would have been funny to see.

  2. I am a little afraid to really know what they are doing when I am not home. I might never leave the house If I really knew what they do when I am not there