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What's your dogs name?????

Whats in a name? This the question I often ask myself as one dog after another pass through my home and life.  I do not give the dogs there name but ofter will change the dogs name to something I like. As time has passed I have learned with my kids that giving my dogs a name I like does not mean that they will know how to pronounce it and say it with out killing it. My dogs came by their names in many ways but to cut down on all the bla bla bla I will stick to the ones that often get slaughtered, Cabot was picked up from the shelter an hour or so before he was to be put down. As I road home with this scared little guy in my lap his grey crest, black ears and these two evenly match streaks of tan on either side of his mouth, giving him the look of side burns, reminded me of an old actor named Sebastian Cabot.  The more I looked at him the more he reminded me of the actor. Two hours in the car and I thought, Cabot, was a fitting name for him and that was his new name.  Now the kids think they hear me say cabbage. So the girls call him Cabbage. In times of hyper drama that teenage girls often experience and express the name then become Cab Bitch, They can slaughter most words and I never know what the hell they are talking about fart, f u c k, often one and the same. Taxes, Texas and so on. These mix ups can cause total chaos depending on the mood, conversation or question at that time.  So as every dog comes here the girls often have problems with names.  Buster is called Bastard. Gideon is idiot, and the worst part is the dogs come to these names. What the hell they can understand slaughtered English better than me. The new dog Blade came and they were having the worst time, so I looked at the first girl and said "can you say Oscar"?  She pronounce it fairly well and I looked at the second girl and said "can you say Oscar"?  Not bad, then the third girl was ask to do the same. Good! I now pronounce you Oscar for no other reason than every one in the house can say itI don't necessarily even like the name.

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  1. I didn't realize how popular a name Maggie was for dogs until our first vet visit. We were leaving and they called "Maggie" and another dog went in! Duke came with his name, but we tend to call him Puppy as he still runs like one.:)