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Pets of Hurricane Sandy

The feeling of helplessness is one of the hardest things for me to deal with.  I remember back to Hurricane Katrina and all the people and animals left behind in its wake.  To see the days and weeks pass with the images of death and destruction coming at me from every form of media, was much more than I could deal with.  To see the animal tossed to the curb so folks could get on a bus and get to safety was unbelievable. I can remember a friend of mine who lived in Mobile at the time was rescuing dogs and putting out of town rescue folks up in her house, doing everything she could with in the confines of no power and no water.  Then came the tsunami in Japan that displaced half the country. A group of dedicated vets and vet techs started to help the pets of disaster. We now have the technology to spread and share information and to help, I am proud to be a member of the Blogger Disaster Response network.  I have added the links for the immediate needs of the disaster stricken coast.  Please share and spread the word to help get the animals of disaster help.

 Blogger Disaster Response network members will be the first to know about World Vets initiatives. For more, please visit or

With Hurricane Sandy and the pets who need help being such an immediate need we wanted to share a few articles and resources we gathered. Many of these links are updating as information changes so be sure to check back frequently:

Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets

Shelters accommodating pets:

PetFinder shelters/rescues in need:

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team is on the scene in PA:

Baltimore shelters preparing for cleanup:

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