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Fashion or Fashion faux pas

With humans we understand our faux pas or they will be brought to our attention quickly. But in the dog world they just don't seem to care,  I have been catching these little guys and their fashion faux pas over the years and they never stop making me laugh. Doggie fashions or fashion faux pas.
Nails and hair should always be kept neat and manicured

Hats should fit well allowing ear fringe to flow from the sides.
Hats should never be too big

Clean shaving is a must as to allow for maximum vision. 

Eye glasses can make us look studious or ridiculous.

Stickers are an absolute no, no !                                       

Wearing animal fur is never a good choice

Collars are an important accessory

Proper fitting underwear is a must

Stripes can be revealing 

Sometimes dressing like others is confusing when making a statement 
Showing too much shoulder and leg is never a good idea


Proper fitting clothing is important to flatter ones body

Always dress with the correct limb in the correct place

 Nudity at home is Okay but not recommended

Name tags are a good thing if placed on correct side.

 Wraps are nice but where we get them can make all the difference.

Again the correct size is important, rolling ones sleeves is not chic
Having too many cloths can be a problem

A farmers tan is never  flattering

Using empty feed bags should be altered to fit the body not hide it.

No Matter if walking the runway in kite or riding a motorcycle in leather always do it with Pride

And you will never go wrong wearing a smile


  1. The pictures and captions are great! Especially love the smiling pics. :)

  2. These photos are great! I love the captions, and your cresties are adorable!