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One of the girl got a job at a coffee hut in the mall and servers assorted cookies, coffees, ice cream.  She has been there since this last summer.  Now I don't give these places a second look or thought. But realize many folks like to stop for a little treat while shopping.  Now we have all grown up around coffee and learned from our yuppies and city dwellers the wonders of Lattes and espresso. I never drank coffee till I was 50. I traveled to Europe many time to visit friends and they all got me into drinking coffee.  I was weened on Turkish coffee with the grounds in the bottom of the cup. I know there are different kinds to appeal to all tastes, but my kids do not.  That being said coffee is coffee and the only difference is what you put in them.
A few nights ago my daughter gets home from work its 9:30 at  night and she is just full of the gab and hyped up.  Just asking a ton of questions and of course I am tired and not in the mood to try and fallow this conversation in broken, smashed, trashed and totally incoherent English. So I sipped away on my coffee staring into space using my usual reply, unha honey unha, with a couple of "I don't knows" throwed in for good measure.  She then asked "do you know what Lattes are"? Ya, why? I just learned how to make them and some times people don't like the way I make them, so I just throw it in the sink and give them coffee and tell them the machine is broke. Now I am real sure the owner does not have a clue to this and would have something to say about the waist.  Did any one show you how to make them. No they told me to put this in them and put them in the machine. They showed me how to make espresso but lots of people complain the cup is too small but that is what they showed me to do. What is  d e c a f  coffee?  I said "it is decaffeinated coffee". What is decaffeinated coffee? I now see that we need to have coffee lesson.  What do you give the people who ask for decaf? Coffee, Ya what kind? coffee. Lets start over what color is the coffee pot. Black. What do you do with the coffee in the orange pot? Nothing I throw it out when I clean up. Holly cow batman that is the decaf. Some people can not tolerate caffeine and will not be able to sleep or it speeds up there heart. Caffeine is the thing in coke I will not let your sister have because she won't shut up or go to sleep if she drinks it. Now I am left with the visual of Holiday shoppers running around the mall with an extra kick. Back to coffee 101.

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