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Team "Damn Dogs"

I get home after a long day at work and I am greeted by 13 hungry dogs. As I am schlupping food to the dogs in their kennels I realize there excitement seem a little more than, gee glad your home. Most of them are gulpers so dinner time is quick. I opened the back door and started down the line of kennels opening the doors and yell out. I usually am yell this a thousand times as one by one they run to the next empty kennel check to see if someone left a kibble or two that they might get. Tonight not the case I yell it one time and the room emptied. So I thought I was starting to get the hang of yelling out and picking up all the empty bowls when I noticed the noise out side had gone up a few decimal. I went into the kitchen to get some paper towel to clean up a poo I seen on my way in. I opened the back door and seen all the damn dogs at the back fence barking their heads off at a deer. When I realized the deer was not going to leave I ran back in to grab the camera. I was closer to the back room so I exited out that door and tried to take a picture and again realize the damn deer was not leaving and he was walking up to the fence. The Peruvian boys were out in front and the Crested dogs where there as back ups. When Jake one of the fosters ran to the fence and the deer butted the fence and he went ass over tea kettle. As Jake took a head butt for the team I decided that I may have to walk to the fence to break this up or someone was going over the fence if it did not stop. I had to tell the deer to leave. Then I see his girl friend who did not need a second invite to leave, and the boy friend running right behind. Who knew I would ever have to chase off the Damn Deer.

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  1. At least they make good guard dogs! I bet nothing sneaks up on you . :)