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First camping trip of the year

My ability to NOT say NO is getting me in-trouble more and more. I find myself with less and less time and with only 24 hours in a day there is no way to make it up. I have used up all my extra sleep time and am down to the bare minimum of sleep to get me through the day. I do not go for daily walks as I have run myself out of that time also. I don't shop and when I do I can use a stop watch getting in and out of the store in record breaking time. I have my shower time down to 10 min. 15 if I have to use the blow dryer. Now there is no sit down to dinner and I almost never cook, no time. I am not truly sure what I do with all my time but I never seem to have any. So I find myself cutting corners and not thinking to much about the corner I may have just cut.
This being the first camping trip of the year I was so looking forward to the time away. I was so happy I was able to reserve one of the pull through camp site on the lake, it was the weekend after the holiday so it was not too crowded. It had the making of a great weekend.
I got myself so far behind and booking up every minute of my time right up till the moment I pulled into the drive to hook the camper up and hit the road. I was relying on the girls to fill in where my memory left off, not a good idea but I figured how bad could it be. I did not pack till I was about to leave the house on the trip. I was trying to think of everything on the run and get the camper hooked up stuff in the car and kids and dogs out of the house. I reached a point were my mind just could not think anymore so we just left. The first thing I realized I forgot was my sleeping meds. Crikey 4 days with out sleep, no one is going to like me. One of those corners cut was why measure out dog food I will just get a smaller bag to take with us. Of course it is not the kind I use but Oh well time is of the essence. I figure weather in Michigan is so unpredictable that I should bring extra blankets and a couple of jackets. The second thing that I noticed did not get packed was a tea kettle to boil water for coffee. No coffee cup but I did have all the makings for coffee just no way to make it or drink it.  No sleep, no coffee and I gave 8 dogs diarrhea. All the components of a great camping trip. I did have a bit of good luck the camera broke at the very end so we did not miss pictures. The dogs gave a whole new meaning to the phrase" let'er blow " I spent the better part of my sleepless nights cleaning dog poo off the sides of the camper the floor and lets not forget the beds. I gave bad Mommy a new meaning and the girls are just now talking to me. It helped to bribe them with some new shirts and ice cream. The big dogs had some serious shit going on and I felt like I was drowning in it. I had no idea that a bowl of dry dog food going in could triple in size coming out in liquid form. The worst was the night I heard the gaseous liquid explosion and could not find the flash light. It ended up between my toes and GAWD I think it even splashed on me.  I went to the lake to wash my feet and got soaking wet as it was raining to beat the band the whole time. I did find the flash light out side the camper. It fell out between the bed frame and the tent. Now the blankets are shot and a stinky mess so we are down to bare minimum and doubling up on the cloths. What sleep I was able to get was spent dreaming of shit and the sound it makes in liquid form. All and all we did manage a good time in between the moments of hell. I was able to get the new dogs introduced to rain, thunder, lighting and 50 mile per hour wind. The last night was the best as it was so cold we had frost inside the camper. I was throwing on the dirty blankets just to stay warm. Now as I am planning the next camping trip I will start packing now. I am not sure any of us will make it though another one like the last.

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  1. That's awful! It's exhausting just thinking of all of the cleanup, I don't know how you do it. You definitely need to start saying NO to people, you're going to burn out and then where would everyone be? Hope you can get some sleep soon, you need to take care of yourself. :)